Brother against brother


This article about the animus between geeks and hipsters, totally forgets one thing. There can be no difference between geeks and hipsters because they’re two sides of same coin.  They both “geek out” over a relatively narrow and pre-defined set of objects / things. There’s not a great deal of difference between the Matador 21 event in Vegas last weekend and Comic Con. And they both shop at threadless for their ironic t-shirts. Most “hipsters” are geeks about something (bikes, indie rock / conscious hip hop/ clothes, coffee)

What’s interesting is that hipster is without a doubt a pejorative, while geek has been reclaimed.  I don’t think hipster well be reclaimed since no one can actually define what it is.  To paraphrase a jokey definition of an alcoholic- a hipster is someone as trendy as you, that you hate. 

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