Cognitive Dissonance


The most often repeated story explaining cognitive dissonance is the about the authors of When Prophecy Fails. “The authors infiltrated a group that was expecting the imminent end of the world on a certain date. When that prediction failed, the movement did not disintegrate, but grew instead. By sharing cult beliefs with others, they gained acceptance and thus reduced their own dissonance”.

Sounds familiar right? 

The Tea Party wants to “Take America Back” a grim sentiment if you’re a minority (of any kind- take America back to when, and how many amendments and which ones are you planning on repealing in order to get to your Nirvana? ) – and they think that the Socialist Muslim Kenyan President with Anti-Colonial* views wants to redistribute wealth.  We already redistribute wealth. Whether by Reganomics or the Bush Tax Cuts, wealth is constantly being redistributed, except the only direction it’s moving is Upward. 

The share of income accruing to America’s wealthiest 1 percent rose from 9 percent in 1974 to a tidy 23.5 percent in 2007. (WaPo).

Instead of Joe the Plumbers being happy that his taxes were lowered after the election, they recruited Mamma Grizzlies, and have made their “movement” even larger. These people held a march on Washington to benefit the richest 1% of the country. They literally crashed the servers of the Chamber of Commerce (with donations!!??11!!) because Glen Beck told them that JP Morgan Chase and Rolls-Royce were on their side. 

But hey, if the richest people on the planet (who mostly reside on the coasts), can convince the fattest people on the planet to march for anything besides more chips, then they deserve their place atop the pyramid. 

*why the sympathy for Colonial powers, don’t they know America was a colonial subject? Isn’t that what the Boston Tea Party was all about? Oh, yeah, right, cognitive dissonance.. got it.

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