Justin Bieber’s Chain is too Heavy


(pics via gizmodo)

Ignore the kids for a second and check out that favela. Apparently it’s 731 acres of abject terror and poverty run by desperados. Those are real slums- we shouldn’t even be allowed to say disparaging things about the ‘Loin. Bayview has a fucking picturesque view of the Bay!  Even the South Bronx in the 70s is a fucking theme park compared to a favela.  


Apparently in preparation for the 2016(!) World Cup, cops and soliders – they brought in the army-  have begun trying to clear the slums of the gangs/drug dealers/etc. during the raid they found the four story home of the leader of the gang.

“Television images showed police entering a four-story home at the top of the slum believed to belong to one of the leaders of the Red Command drug gang that ruled the area. Its air conditioners, flat-screen TV, computer, whirlpool, pool and new appliances were a stark contrast to the bare wooden shacks that house most of the area’s people.”  

Can you imagine how much a BOSS you’d have to be, to run a favela? He’s such a bad ass that he’s even allowed to be open about his love of all things Biebz.


Apparently this mural was in his BEDROOM. 

Fair and Balanced


This Nicaraguan solider prefers things move at a slower pace.

Remember a couple weeks ago, when we all had a good laugh about how Nicaragua had google maps turned upside down, and so they invaded Costa Rica? Those poor brown banana republicans can’t even use the internet right! 

The story immediately didn’t strike me as being plausible, I mean, how would they get internet access out there on a disputed, undeveloped part of Central America, when I can’t even cage a signal in the Upper Haight? Instead of going anywhere near Costa Rica to cover the dispute, the Western Media went to their computers to find other territorial mishaps contained in google maps. 

Turns out it was a military invasion over disputed territory. The troops still haven’t left, and it only took TWO WEEKS of Central America screaming about it for the West to abandon their colonial slant and devote a couple hundred words to untangling the issues that date back to the 1600s(!) – well really the 1850s. 

“President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua argued that the island should belong to his country, since Nicaragua owns the river along the border and the island is made up of silt from the river. “In the 1600s and 1700s, the river covered an enormous amount of territory at its delta,” Mr. Ortega told the newspaper this month. “And as the zone has dried, the river has moved and (Costa Rica) has continued to advance and take possession of terrain that doesn’t belong to it.”  “Nicaragua has the right to dredge the San Juan River to recover the flow of waters that existed in 1858.”


Oh, and um, Costa Rica doesn’t have an army. So this isn’t really a trivial matter. 

It was a pretty crafty move by the invading general to blame google, I’ll give him that, but it sets an awful and weird precedent. How soon until Wikipedia is cited as the reason for an ethnic clash somewhere in Central Africa? How long until China checks in @ Tibet (w/ 2 billion others)?  

But that’s the news biz today in America where we have more reporters covering Four Loko and Bristol Palin’s doings on Facebook, than we have reporting from the entire Southern Hemisphere. 

There is nothing more than meets the eye

Those kids you see on Haight Street are every bit the ridiculous, free loading, middle minded, layabouts that you thought they were. My favorite part of the above (6 min) documentary is when this kid points his finger at the Bourgeoisie and has his J’accuse moment.  


He says “if you live in SF and someone asks you for change you should give it to them, because you can afford it- you could probably to throw down a 20$”.  

Somehow he’s managed to convince himself that he has more of a right to my money than I do. That is impressive. 

Stop. Motion. Coney. Island.

Sometimes I leave my house on the weekend, and when I do it’s usually to go indulge in some way that foreshortens my life, but increases the quality of it.  ANYWAY,  last Friday, I went to see my friend’s opening at Southern Exposure. Samara makes these cool, weird, wonderful short stop motion films. Her most recent project is entitled Astroland.  She constructed a miniature Coney Island complete with arcades, ferris wheel, and even trash on the ground. Here’s what the the park looks like:





To complete the feel of Coney Island, at the reception they had free pop corn and cotton candy, as well as food vendors, including a bacon wrapped hotdog cart and since this is San Francisco, there was also an artisanal small batch ice cream truck Twirl and Dip – none of that Good Humor it all tastes like chemicals shit.  Full disclosure the ice cream was good, but I only took this picture so I could steal a shot of that awesome haircut.


It was oddly timed event considering that Coney Island was just in the news last week, because the landlord raised the rent on a few iconic attractions like (Ruby’s Bar and Shoot the Freak) which means it probably won’t be the Coney Island it used to be.