I have been to the mountaintop


The most hipster thing in the entire world has been discovered. The Underbelly Project is a gallery in an abandoned NYC subway station, featuring the work of more than hundred well known street artists. 

Peep this:
“The show’s curators, street artists themselves, unveiled the project for a single night, leading this reporter on a two-and-a-half hour tour. Determined to protect their secrecy, they offered the tour on condition that no details that might help identify the site be published, not even a description of the equipment they used to get in and out.” (nytimes)

To review: Street art that no one is knows where it is, that no one is allowed to see, in a subway tunnel. 

Even if the richest corporation in the world, assembled a crack team of cool hunters, and that crack team had a board of directors consisting of Jim Jarmusch, James Franco, MIA, Terry Richardson, the editors of Vice, and Snoop Dogg; gave them an unlimited supply of small-batch, micro brewed, locally sourced, PBR, and shots of 18 year old Reserve Label, Jameson distilled through the horns of a Narwhal, and asked them to create the most rarified and deliciously twee, Happening, they would fall of short of this. 

And why did they create this space?
“In recent years, he said, as the vogue for street art has led to “anything that could possibly appreciate in value being ripped off the street by those looking to cash in,” the old sense of adventure and punk-rock energy has faded. The change isn’t all bad, he said: the runaway market for stars like Banksy has had a nice trickle-down effect for artists like him. But he said he feels strongly that something fundamental has been lost. “

Because things used to be cooler. (As a side note, when did calling something Punk Rock become officially the highest compliment that can be bestowed?)

This is like if the current Pitchfork 100 was playing shows exclusively to other members of the Pitchfork 100 in somebody’s basement. 

According to the “curators” you can go look for it and maybe you’ll find it, and then put it on your twitters and do a foursquare check-in, but in doing so you will be killing the last cool dodo bird.  But be careful NORMAL PERSON, you might die:

 “After this reporter’s tour, the curators destroyed the equipment they had been using to get in and out of the site. “We’re not under the illusion that no one will ever see it,” Workhorse said. “But what we are trying to do is to discourage it as much as possible.” He stressed that any self-styled explorer who found the site and attempted to enter it would be taking a real risk.

“If you go in there and break your neck, nobody’s going to hear you scream,” he said — at least assuming there are no track workers around. “You’re just going to have to hope that someone is going to find you before you die.”        

Go die in a fire. 

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