Stop. Motion. Coney. Island.

Sometimes I leave my house on the weekend, and when I do it’s usually to go indulge in some way that foreshortens my life, but increases the quality of it.  ANYWAY,  last Friday, I went to see my friend’s opening at Southern Exposure. Samara makes these cool, weird, wonderful short stop motion films. Her most recent project is entitled Astroland.  She constructed a miniature Coney Island complete with arcades, ferris wheel, and even trash on the ground. Here’s what the the park looks like:





To complete the feel of Coney Island, at the reception they had free pop corn and cotton candy, as well as food vendors, including a bacon wrapped hotdog cart and since this is San Francisco, there was also an artisanal small batch ice cream truck Twirl and Dip – none of that Good Humor it all tastes like chemicals shit.  Full disclosure the ice cream was good, but I only took this picture so I could steal a shot of that awesome haircut.


It was oddly timed event considering that Coney Island was just in the news last week, because the landlord raised the rent on a few iconic attractions like (Ruby’s Bar and Shoot the Freak) which means it probably won’t be the Coney Island it used to be. 

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