Justin Bieber’s Chain is too Heavy


(pics via gizmodo)

Ignore the kids for a second and check out that favela. Apparently it’s 731 acres of abject terror and poverty run by desperados. Those are real slums- we shouldn’t even be allowed to say disparaging things about the ‘Loin. Bayview has a fucking picturesque view of the Bay!  Even the South Bronx in the 70s is a fucking theme park compared to a favela.  


Apparently in preparation for the 2016(!) World Cup, cops and soliders – they brought in the army-  have begun trying to clear the slums of the gangs/drug dealers/etc. during the raid they found the four story home of the leader of the gang.

“Television images showed police entering a four-story home at the top of the slum believed to belong to one of the leaders of the Red Command drug gang that ruled the area. Its air conditioners, flat-screen TV, computer, whirlpool, pool and new appliances were a stark contrast to the bare wooden shacks that house most of the area’s people.”  

Can you imagine how much a BOSS you’d have to be, to run a favela? He’s such a bad ass that he’s even allowed to be open about his love of all things Biebz.


Apparently this mural was in his BEDROOM. 

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