The internet apartheid.

Remember in Do the Right Thing when Buggin’ Out asks Sal “how come they ain’t no brothers on the wall?”  Sometimes when I read through the billion and one SF neighborhood blogs I ask myself the same thing. Digital Divide is too cutesy a term, it’s more like an apartheid state. 

Ess Eff is a majority minority city but wouldn’t know it from the blogs who only push stories about the coloreds to the front page when there is a crime involved. The Mission had four murders last year but you would be forgiven for thinking it was a lot more given the shrieking headlines accompanying each one.  It’s not like minorities aren’t represented in political power in this town. They just aren’t represented anywhere else. 

This wouldn’t be an issue if it was just 7×7’s typical bullshit, where they ask a transplanted tech writer to opine about how the POORS won’t let her and wealthy friends “improve” their neighborhoods.  That is to be expected; they are clearly writing for a certain proscribed audience.

 What is odd is that blogs that cover neighborhoods with extremely large minority populations render them invisible. The choice of correspondents for a  “People’s Guide” is  more revealing about the SF internet in-group that all cross-posts to each other, and writes for one another than representative of the PEOPLE. 

Bernalwood asks where are the hipsters, and I’m wondering where are the residents of the housing projects who also live in the hills with you? Read the tenderblog for 20 minutes and come back and give me demographic breakdown of that neighborhood. I don’t think Mission Mission is very mission mission.  Throw in Haighteration and Richmondsf and you start to have a SF internet that is very, very homogenous, and not at all like the neighborhoods they “represent”.  And while these aren’t the only blogs about the City they are the ones with the traffic and the profile. (This isn’t unique to SF either, go check DCist and tell me that the City is 60% black.)

To be clear I don’t think there is any malice or ill will going on. It’s just a bit of a head scratcher. But I guess the answer is to paraphrase Danny Aiello “when you open your own internet, you can put whoever the hell you want on the front page.”   

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