A Brave New World


A regrettably large number of people in this country believe in angels. This is not news to you I’m sure, our nation’s ability to suspend disbelief and exhibit faith is head shakingly  renowned around the world. We have some strange folkways and even stranger beliefs (for instance, some unfathomably large portion of the country believes in the designated hitter) . But even more than the winged  invisible embodiment of pure good, Americans believe in football. On Sunday, more of us watch football than go to church.  

When it comes to football we are like Catholics in a Latin America Country where every city has it’s own saint. Our hagiography of Messrs, Montana, Riggins, Elway, Manning, et. al is apparent in the stands during the two minute drill. 

But before you decide that  our obeisance to Our Lady of the Forward Pass is bad, or leads to unsavory outcomes, know that recent events have proved otherwise. Namely this: Football is the greatest force for social change in America. 

Football is the most watched sport in America – by a long shot. It’s not even close. This has allowed it to swallow up any number scandals from the weekly shootings outside strip clubs, up to and including murder (both human and canine). But America isn’t really afraid of guns and violence. We’re afraid of sex. 

Or at least I thought so, until the sports themed websites started a serious discuss on foot fetish complete with video proof. The fact that the coach of NY Jets was making foot fetish videos rose and fell like a third graders paper airplane without a public apology, without moralizing from the Right, without anyone thinking of the Children. Kink. An actual perversion, thrust itself into public conversation and did absolutely no damage to the Temple Gridiron. 

Remember the kerfluffle around the repeal of DADT? One of the main arguments was that we should not be using the military as a place to run social experiments (conveniently forgetting that the military was racially integrated long before the lunch counters but whatever, facts schmacts)? Well, maybe they were right that wasn’t the right venue, that apparently is why God created football. 

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