Where were you?

On this the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster it is clear that it was one of those seminal moments in which you Remember Where You Were When it Happened. Since I’ve been alive, there have only been a few such moments. I was too young to really know or care about Lennon’s assassination, but I would assume that would be on a lot people’s lists. I think the ones i’ll always remember are (in no particular order):

Challenger Disaster: I was at school, walking from the middle school building to the cafeteria for lunch and I saw the launch and subsequent explosion in the weird little store we had where you bought gym clothes and other random School branded items like tote bags. I remember people being very upset and some people crying. I also think it took about four minutes before I heard the first Space Shuttle Joke – remember those? How many of them there were that year? Kids are just awful. 

OJ Simpson Verdict- I was in college living on McLendon right across the street from Candler Park and just as I was pulling into my driveway the radio station interrupted its coverage of whatever it was doing and said that the jury had acquitted him. Still in my car, in shock, just a few miles away from Dr. King’s grave and memorial, I remember thinking that America had taken a huge step towards equality now that Rich Black people could now also kill their wives and get away with it. 

Michael Jackson’s First Moonwalk – We had Thriller on vinyl, it was the rare piece of contemporary music that my parents purchased, and we were all gathered around the TV watching him perform Billie Jean. In the various clips on youtube, you’ll notice that when he does the moonwalk, the crowd scream/gasps like he’d just done something anatomically impossible.  

Election Night 2008-  I would have bet good money that a black person was never going to be elected president in my lifetime. That night was crazy in my neighborhood. I’ve never seen so many people so happy. People in marxsit-leftist ess eff were singing patriotic songs, it was odd. You know it’s a huge impromptu party when Extra Action shows up. 

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