Adventures in Baby Sitting


San Francisco’s most valuable resource may be in danger of leaving The City if something isn’t done today. According to the Washington Post, the situation has gotten so bad, that all areas of City government are making this a top priority. I’m not talking about tourists, or even Fortune 500 companies, I’m talking about white babies. And unless the City changes the parking permit laws, white babies will flee in droves to the suburbs, taking their cuteness (apparently a huge part of our budget) with them. 

The solution to stopping Cute Flight before our adorable quotient plunges to unsustainable levels?  Parking permits for nannies. Scoff all you want, they’ve heard all your complaints before. 

“People hear ‘parking for nannies’ and assume it’s some elitist thing, but we’re working parents and this is a huge safety issue,”  said Roxanne Stachon, a civil engineer and mother of two from the city’s Russian Hill neighborhood, who is leading the charge for the special permits.


Roxanne, (pictured above- yes, on the left) is not an elitist- this is a safety issue. 

Stachon said her longtime nanny often has to leave the children – ages 2 and 10 months – unattended for up to 10 minutes every two hours while she searches for a new parking spot.  (I wonder how long the nannies’ kids are being left unattended?)

(NOTE: I’ve looked for parking in Russian Hill before, that is one Super Nanny, let me tell you.) So the SFMTA, the agency that oversees MUNI, is now also on the hook for the care and well-being of the City’s children? 

But transportation officials say they are eager to stop the exodus of San Francisco families to the suburbs, and increasing the flexibility of the parking permit program could help.

They obviously haven’t ridden the 22 when school gets out because nobody who has is going to cry about the loss of school-aged children. There is of course delicious irony in the fact that the SFTMA, which has a official policy of transit first, is going to do contortions to ease the burden on nannies looking for parking. I thought the only reason they installed the bus stops in Russian Hill was so the nannies could get there from the Mission. 

These non-elitist Russian Hill ladies, just want what we all want, the opportunity to raise their kids, and by gummit, the City should find a way to be more friendly to “working families (who can afford nannies and the 98$ permit)”. 

Stachon and her fellow advocates – a core group of about two dozen mostly moms – say decisive action by the SFMTA board would send a strong message that the agency cares about the needs of local parents.

“When you’re told childcare is not a valid exception to the existing policy, it creates a very unfriendly environment for families,” Stachon said. 

Meanwhile, the nannie’s son, can’t even afford to ride the bus. 

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