How the local news sausage is made

yeah. mind *blown*. 

To say that on the internet, going local is hot right now, is to have said a cliche, like saying you like bacon. 

[Sidebar: remember when you could just say you liked bacon, not bacon infused cupcake frosting, just “i enjoy a slice of bacon”? Now it feels like everybody looks at you like you’re self-satisfied at finally discovering Arcade Fire this year.] 

But it is true, local news, local advertising, local reviews by local people just like you! is all anyone wants to invest in right now. And if the fancy magazines and newspapers in New York are to be believed this trend is unstoppable. 

When you read a bit more though you realize they’re just describing the kind of local blog that already exists in a lot of places: 

Patch has hired hundreds of journalists, each equipped with a laptop computer, digital camera, cellphone and police scanner.

The journalists, which AOL calls local editors, generally earn $38,000 to $45,000 annually, and work from home. They are expected to publish up to five items daily — short articles, slide shows or video — in addition to overseeing freelance writers.        

But like recissionistas flocking to a groupon (getting food poisoning w/ 25 others @ Panda Express),  maybe we should slow down a bit. Maybe local news was left uncovered or lightly covered for a reason. Or do you think that maybe we need more coverage of every bursting sewer pipe? And in case you missed those, it was also linked to by at least one other site with a local focus.*

(Maybe I’m unnaturally biased because i live in a city where seemingly everyone’s experience on MUNI is blogged/twittered/facebooked/texted  in real time to people in line at Ike’s about to go to Dolores Park.)

*shouldn’t they be working on finding someone for their (White) People’s Guide to Bayview Hunters Point?   

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