Truthfully their scorn bores me

Surrounded By Your Friends by Hooray For Earth

In Bloom

mind crime
post-diluvian darling
nearly baroque or stately
minor rackets
finely tuned ruptures
Here he comes now
his breath smelling of whiskey
I remain unafraid before
their sets & their fright-wigs
Strike my deals
in the maze, then get on with
“the real work”
Even in downtowns
glittering towers of luxury goods
turned around a plethora
truthfully their scorn bores me
I awaken doubting
my ideas warrant writing down
some influence of sleep
reveals doubt itself
is the writing, the mostobvious thing– precisely
what goes by unsaid
then comes thru your tinybits of hole in wax
to gather their absurd vocation
sudden independence, casually come by
heightened attenuation
in which i house my mute affections
& notice the prominent
features of the day
birds for instance, shuffling
themselves insidea magnolia tree’s interior
get it together between people
we who visitthis coastal city
& everyone’s heads
tall the way wind illustrates
bags & faces red signs
glint amid, blooms
you slough unhealthy weight
to score direct hits of

–Jason Morris

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