Taking it to the Streets

A street yoga practitioner showing us the upward lotus palm of societal neglect. 

Even though the show Portlandia has finished its first season, the City of Portland is still producing comedy. Introducing Street Yoga. When I was first alerted to this I thought (hoped?) it was just going to be something mildly annoying; people doing yoga (or capoeira) in public. But that is apparently selling Street Yoga short. 

No, in Portland, where white guys with dreadlocks are as plentiful as purse dogs in LA, they know that yoga is not just for middle-aged moms trying to get some attention in the bedroom:

Street Yoga is a non-profit organization that teaches yoga, mindful breathing, and compassionate communication to youth and families and their caregivers struggling with homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, trauma and behavioral challenges so they can grow stronger, heal from past traumas, and create for themselves a life that is inspired, safe, and joyful. Our programs are based on solid evidence that yoga helps with physical well being, depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

All that and great abs. Which come in handy when you’ve been up for four days on The Meth, and ambulance sirens coupled with the changing traffic lights are making you flash back to Fallujah. 

(photo via flickr)

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