O.G. Nerd


The primary engineer on the first cartridge based games console has sadly passed away. Jerry Lawson was the lead creator of the Fairchild Channel F video games machine, as part of the home-brew computer club in the mid 70s where people would meet and talk about creating hardware and home-brew software, members of such clubs were names such as the co-founders of Apple Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who helped pioneer home computing with their Apple machines, Jerry Lawson never became such a household name but the work he did helped pave the way for others in the video games industry.

Another outlier. Of course history will show that the Fairchild, which predated Atari would succumb to its rivals – like ColecoVision, but prior to his work, consoles only shipped with the games already in them. Thanks to him games could be sold on individual cartridges. Oh those damn cartridges. 

Even though it was frustrating, it was somehow also weirdly satisfying when you blew on that Blades of Steel and made it work. 

God should blow on his casket and see if he can bring him back to life. RIP. 


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