Don’t rape me bro


Everyone was rightly shocked and appalled by the allegations that the head of the IMF had raped his maid, everyone, except for hotel maids, it would appear, who have a history of fending off attacks.

Zemina Cuturic, a refugee from Bosnia who works at the Tremont Chicago Hotel, said she remained frightened whenever she had to clean Room 410 because of what happened there a year ago. She was vacuuming, she said, and the guest, who had left the room minutes earlier, suddenly reappeared and “reached to try to kiss me behind my ear.” 

The situation is so bad that some hotel chains have a security guard who’s only job is to protect the staff from the guests. It’s already a pretty bad job as it is. Cleaning up after people on vacation or that are just away from their own house where they have no compunction to be tidy. We’ve all seen the CSI where they shine the blacklight and reveal all the human fluids in a room. But to also have to put up with this shit?:

Housekeepers, nearly all of whom are women, talk of guests who offer them $100 or $200 for sex, apparently thinking that the maids, often low-paid immigrants, are desperate to earn more money. Some women complain of episodes in which they were bending over to, say, clean a bathtub, and a guest sneaked up and stuck his hand up their skirt.

 There’s nothing funny here. It just sucks. 

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