The Friendly Skies

Did you hear about the charter plane that had mechanical issues and was forced make an emergency landing? Well it was carrying the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which caused me to make a lot of Angels in the Outfield and Field of Dreams jokes, but also made me wonder what would actually happen if something bad had actually happened. Turns out, the paper of record has already written about this years ago when the Angels had a bus crash (I wish that driver was motoring Parah Salin’s bus trip). 

The Angels play in the American League, which, like the National League, has a procedure it euphemistically labels a “rehabilitation plan.” If six or more players on one team are disabled, the plan kicks in. This involves selecting players, through a draft, from the remaining teams. The league president would determine how many players are “frozen” — or protected — by the healthy teams. In addition, players with no-trade clauses would be protected.

{Editor’s note: Seeing as how we’ve lost Buster, Pablo, DeRosa, Zito, Casillas, Fotenot and basically Huff, where are my picks? Can haz Reyes for free please?}

In the NBA, with it’s small team sizes, where a whole team could be wiped out by a roof collapse at a strip club, their plan kicks in at five:

The National Basketball Association has a contingency plan that goes into effect if five or more players on any team “die or are dismembered,” according to Rod Thorn, the league’s operations director.The league would permit only five players on every other club to be protected, insuring that a fairly good player — the sixth best — could be drafted by the club suffering the tragedy. Each of the contributing clubs could lose only one player.

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