How long is a cross country train ride?

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Air security is expected to tighten, particularly for international flights into the United States, in light of recent intelligence that terrorists might be considering boarding flights with surgically implanted explosive devices, an American security official said Wednesday.

The old joke is that once a terrorist sticks a bomb in his anal cavity then I won’t fly anymore, for fear of the ensuing security theater panic. Well, add this to this list. Because. F That. I don’t even want to know how they are going to check for surgical bombs.         

And this isn’t even new. From the same article: 

 The authorities have long been concerned about the possibility of a suicide attack involving implanted explosives.

In 2009, a militant wounded a Saudi prince by detonating a bomb that was thought to have been in his large intestine. The bomber died, and officials later determined that it was more likely placed in his underwear.

Of course the bomber died. And besides, the human body makes for terrible shrapnel.        

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