The Invisible Hand

(I bet they sell copies of the Wealth of Nations)

This week, St. Mark’s Bookshop announced that despite the massive outcry from the reading public, the store’s Cooper Union landlords have not agreed to lower their monthly rent in order to help save the independent bookstore. The news came after weeks of furious blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking on the part of readers throughout New York City. “

(emphasis mine)

Look I love bookstores more than any other commercial enterprise. When I think about places to visit in the US I usually think about an iconic bookstore that would make the trip even better. Powell’s in Portland, Busboys and Poets in DC, The Strand, The Printed Matter, and yes St. Marks’s, in NYC, etc… So I get it. I am demonstrably saddened by the death of small indie bookshops. But we do realize that no one did the ONE THING required to keep a store open. Shop there.

“As The Awl points out, petitions are nice, but they do not pay the rent. If the 43,825 people who have currently signed the petition had also bought a nice new hardcover novel for $25.99, the St. Mark’s Bookshop would have no trouble paying its rent for the next 4 years.” <—–RUBBER meet ROAD. 

I mean we all know that essentially blogging, tweeting, and (for fucks sake) Facebooking (a verb? ugh) have the same impact on the world as loudly declaiming your displeasure to your cat, right? 

0 thoughts on “The Invisible Hand

  1. Also, I recall at some point this summer I printed out every post I’d actually written (not copied or re-posted) and slapped it all together to see what it would look like in one, printed out/manuscript place. You might want to give that a shot. maybe that’s a long-piece/book of essays right there.

  2. Writing consistently (much less well) is one of the toughest things I’ve ever tried to do. You’re doing it. Keep it going. And yeah, getting everything in one spot is helpful, if for no other reason than you start to see common themes in your own work that you might not have been aware of otherwise.Keep flowin’.

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