Putting too fine a point on the thing


(The literal text taken from the Wall Street Journal)

Janiva Ellis, a figurative painter based in San Francisco, stands against a backdrop of Brooklyn graffiti bundled up in a Mongolian lambs wool coat.  She works the layers with a hand-bleached plaid Ralph Lauren shirt and Jesus print t-shirt.  A leather mini skirt and weather-worn Dr. Martens complete the outfit.

Janiva shops at Goodwill, Salvation Army and various vintage stores around San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

She spends between $200-300 a month on clothing and accessories.

“Fashion,” Janiva says, “is an extension of one’s self.”

This is her sporty gothic, or “gothletic” look.

This might as well be proof of bigfoot.

I wonder if the writer won some sort of contest in the Journal newsroom for getting all of these buzzwords into one post. It reads like a punchline to a urban-elite-hipster-joke that takes so long to deliver, and depresses you when it finally arrives. (You can’t see the bike, but it’s implied.)

San Francisco.
Ironic Jesus
Thrift Stores
That fucking quote.
That turrible portmanteau

If she didn’t exist, I’d have to create her. 

(Now, how can I date her?)

I’ve got a place for that pencil

Beyond the constructs of who can and can’t say THAT WORD or who should or shouldn’t, the main question goes largely unasked. Why do white people want to say that word in the first place. Of what are they being deprived?
He really does have the guilelessness of a small child doesn’t he? He just can’t see what the darn tooting big deal is about this whole kerfluffle.

Freedom is Slavery

This is a back alley. Also called plan c. 

In a move that surprises nobody that has been paying attention, the Administration decided to cave to the loud voices of anti-science, and Plan B will not be made available on pharmacy store shelves, next to the condoms, and other contraceptives.  Despite science, reason, and good judgment being on their side. So while the FDA said things like this:

“There is adequate and reasonable, well-supported and science-based evidence that Plan B One-Step is safe and effective and should be approved for nonprescription use for all females of child-bearing potential,” (via)

The ‘argument’ was lost to people who think like this:

“Conservative lawmakers and advocacy groups…argue that wider availability could encourage sexual activity and make it easier for men to have sex with underage girls by forcing them to take the drug to prevent any pregnancies that could result.” (via)

Whaaaaaat? Two Questions:

Is that what they think the biggest deterrent is to child-rape? Having to schlepp the kid to soccer practice in a few years? 

Are people this crazy to have grandkids?