Putting too fine a point on the thing


(The literal text taken from the Wall Street Journal)

Janiva Ellis, a figurative painter based in San Francisco, stands against a backdrop of Brooklyn graffiti bundled up in a Mongolian lambs wool coat.  She works the layers with a hand-bleached plaid Ralph Lauren shirt and Jesus print t-shirt.  A leather mini skirt and weather-worn Dr. Martens complete the outfit.

Janiva shops at Goodwill, Salvation Army and various vintage stores around San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

She spends between $200-300 a month on clothing and accessories.

“Fashion,” Janiva says, “is an extension of one’s self.”

This is her sporty gothic, or “gothletic” look.

This might as well be proof of bigfoot.

I wonder if the writer won some sort of contest in the Journal newsroom for getting all of these buzzwords into one post. It reads like a punchline to a urban-elite-hipster-joke that takes so long to deliver, and depresses you when it finally arrives. (You can’t see the bike, but it’s implied.)

San Francisco.
Ironic Jesus
Thrift Stores
That fucking quote.
That turrible portmanteau

If she didn’t exist, I’d have to create her. 

(Now, how can I date her?)

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