Let the Sun Shine


And here you will find Old Dirty Bastard’s FBI File. Ain’t democracy great?  The whole thing is 90-some odd pages long and apparently treats the Wu Tang Clang (WTC) as if they were criminal organization (C.R.E.A.M y’all). Along with investigating them for alleged contract hits, and a car-jacking to rob a dealer of some angel dust (!?!), apparently the NYPD enlisted the aid of the FBI and US Attorney’s office to bring RICO charges against the group whose logo is readily available on T-shirts at Hot Topics across the country. 

I love this page, I’m sure the redacted info is quite priceless as well, but the the whole things reads like Raymond Chandler. The last line is poignant.  Also, what poor, low level, FBI desk jockey had to manually redact all of this ‘sensitive’ information. What a weird day serving your country that must have been for her. 

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