Living the dream

Last weekend a few blocks from my house, right in front of the sad remnants of the worlds longest construction project for the City’s smallest park, I once again learned what it is like to experience child-like wonder and excitement. Just to be clear it wasn’t my child-like wonder. I was once again confronted with the Seussian reality that you slip into whenever you take more than a few steps in any direction in the Mission these days. 

I had stumbled onto Hot Bike


Described as…. well it doesn’t really matter, because the key to this, ahem, enterprise, is that it involves a word salad of au courant terms. The Kickstarter (natch) campaign doesn’t even capture the spirit of whimsy involved in this endeavor. The on-site signage includes that Candyland as art directed by Lynda Barry sign, but informed passersbys as to exactly what kind of vegan (again, natch) tacos would be available from this bike powered taco truck. I didn’t eat the food, because, as i said, vegan, but I can report that the salsa’s were an unholy combinations of fruits, and chiles that I suppose adhered to the spirit of salsa if not the letter. 

(In ess eff, anything can be made into salsa, and anything can be called a taco, but not everything can be called a burrito.)

The woman who’s ‘dream’ this is, was extremely nice and friendly, and everyone eating seemed to be enjoying the food. But what I really wanted to know was why, exactly, in the shadow of Gracia Madres, spitting distance from Tacolicious, and I guess, the other 4 million places to get a taco in the Mission, she decided to do ask the community to fund another way to deliver tacos to said community. I wanted to ask her all of this. But I couldn’t because she was busy. The line was like 5 deep with patrons scattered around shoving her ‘tacos’ into their mouths, who in between bites, were imploring me- open mouthed with amazement- to eat one.  

I guess this is part of a rear guard America First! effort by white people to take their jobs back?  Seriously though, I really do appreciate the fact people keep waking up and deciding to put kitchens all over the city. Personally I’m waiting for the etoufee cart which at the current exponential growth rate of food carts will be sometime early next week. Because the time is coming very soon, that I won’t be able eat at any of the restaurants located on The Stroll.

(I can’t stress to you how nice this woman was, and I bear her no animus, but I love how in the video she uses the word ‘community’ like a euphemistic sledgehammer.)

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