Punks Jump up to get Beat Down

Actual Caption: A man on Mission Street allegedly threatened a police officer Wednesday.

Do you want to know what earns this kind of beat down in Baghdad By the Bay? Saying mean things to cops. To wit:

A witness told Mission Loc@l that the man walked out of an Single Room Occupancy Hotel on Mission

Street looking “high.”  Two policemen walked by and the man began insulting one of them, the witness

The police officer pulled out his night stick and waved it in front of the man, but the assailant persisted
in insulting the officer.  
Meanwhile, another officer came from behind and quickly maced and

handcuffed the aggressor, the witness said. He described the man as about 6 ft. 2 in.

Emphasis mine (and the SFPD’s amirite?). 

One time I was walking home through the TL with a friend, and I saw some cops in a donut shop. I couldn’t resist. I was 22 or so, had only been living in the City for a little while, and so I let my mouth run. “Lookit those Fucking Pigs eating donuts” I said, probably smugly, (I was 22, and way more of a jerk than I am now). 
The cops moved really quickly and moments later we were both face down on the street handcuffed and they were running our licenses, with the threat that anything they found,  ANYTHING, and they would bust our asses to jail. 

That wasn’t even my worst interaction with cops in this town, not by a long shot. I’ve never been maced though (touch wood). 

I guess I bring this up because the caption said the man threatened him, but the article describes something different. Like the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting one. 

But yeah, never provoke the cops. You wouldn’t provoke MS-13 either, would you? 

Gratituous Pic of cops at work: This happeneda few weeks ago which Uptown Almanac brought to my attention. 

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