Apparently Patton Oswalt is a child. If he thinks that Girls is squirm inducingly honest, then either the industry has failed, or he’s never been challenged by piece of art before. If it’s the former, then OK. Sure. He is after all from the same suburbs I grew up in. Apparently he’s never worked himself into situations that he wants to disavow completely upon waking. He’s never had the kind of shame attack that I have often.

If it’s the latter, then I just can’t with him. And now I have to reconsider his stand up- the thing he does for money. If he thinks that what Lena Dunham is doing is something Honest, or Real, or (god help us) Profound, then he has spent his cultural currency too cheaply. 

Because whatever Girls is, it isn’t searing, or real or honest. It’s just a fucking television show about a self absorbed chick who happens to be slightly bigger than your average hollywood white person. 

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