And I guess Mer…men, but who cares about that?

Sign me the fuck up!

Let’s back up though. This happened, On May 27th, but because I don’t own a TV, I didn’t know about it. 


So Animal Planet tells me they exist, and that youtube video above is MORE than enough evidence for me… but let’s say you’re still skeptical. So what does NOBAMA’s socialist government have to say?


How’s that hopey changey stuff working out for you indeed? 

Butterfly Kisses:
Aquatic Ape is great term and my new rejoinder to people who tease me because black people can’t swim. 
I don’t remember any government agency issuing a response to our castostrophically high beliefs in angels
Mermaids are part of Animal Planet’s Monster Week.
This sentence from the copy: “What if there’s a kernel of truth that lives beneath the legend of the mythic mermaid?
Cause seriously, what if? What then? And what if I needed another metaphor jammed into a sentence? And besides, it’s not like they would have bothered being on Noah’s Ark, so there’s no problem with my Creationist beliefs!
The trailer on that page. If you wait until the end, a Mermaid/man takes off his/her earrings and snatches a Jellyfish like a weave in the BayView. 
Is this the reason we’re the greatest  country in the world, yes, it is the reason we’re the greatest country in the world.   

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