That’s right Ninjas!!

The event that I wait for every year has finally arrived. The new ponderously long promo video for the 13(!) Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! This year’s video is 23 minutes long. I won’t link to it, you wouldn’t watch it anyway, but I did watch (scan through and let it play in the background on an inactive tab) the whole thing. 

Butterfly Kisses:


Sugar Slam is a Butterfly Stories mascot and according to my succession plan the next in line to run this joint. 

That’s his name. What’s your whack ass rap name? Btw, he abbreviates that ABK. Ok.

George Clinton and Funkadelic will be there. The Fat Boys will be there. Will you be there?


There’s a band called Swollen Members. It must be hard to google that band. 
They have a comedy stage. Cheech and Chong, Bobcat Goldthwait and Jaime Kennedy will be there. Once again I must ask, will you?
I actually am impressed at how well these Faygo drinking motherfuckers have built their brand, especially when you consider how bad they are at the thing they’re famous for (rapping, not makeup wearing).
It all goes down in August 8-12. See you there ninjas! 

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