Riding the F Train / Longread

Whenever I miss NYC, and get false nostalgic for that city I’ve never lived in, I watch this video my friend made. (The nostalgia is really about the East Coast and my deep, deep, love of a city where there are thousands of women that look like Rosario Dawson.) 

J used to write about his time as a guinea pig for drug companies, which was awesome. Imagine One Flew Over... but from the perspective of someone who was already using his body as a test case for opiates/narcotics, except now he wasn’t in the position of choosing who he was allowed to “party” with. I wish I had a link for that stuff. 

Now he just writes from the perspective of a guinea, pig, eating his way around Bklyn. This though, this epic post about working with DPW at Burning Man when there were only(!) 15K people attending is one the best things he’s ever written (songs included) and one of the best things I’ve ever read.

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