Desconstructed San Francisco


Pic grabbed from an listicle about top places in the Bay Area you can, sigh, eat brunch while listening to DJs. Because that is a thing people want. Apparently. This sentence also exists.

DJs Adam Larios (Saturdays) and Hector Garza (Sundays) favor the house and disco side of the music spectrum. while chef Paul Piscopo intermingles his food playlist (aka menu) of brunch and lunch classics (omelets, burgers, etc.) with more playful dishes such as bacon cocoa nib waffles and a Bloody Mary pizza. Items can be ordered à la carte or in a brunch pairings special, which includes Zico coconut water, an entree, and cocktail for $26.

Aka menu. 

They can apparently get about $15 for a waffle with a slice of bacon. And I looked it up so you don’t have to. Zico is marketing-speak for hangover cure. 

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