Dance like no one’s watching

Of all the books in the excellent 33 1/3 series, the only one I’ve managed to read is this one (subtitle: Journey to the end of taste). But it was excellent. I went in, as one does, expecting a no-holds take down of this schmaltzy singer but got a whole lot more. And though indeed Celine is rightly denigrated for her over-emoting and corny act, he roots it in her French-Canadian upbringing. Growing up poor in Montreal, and connecting to the cheesy chansons of her youth.

Plus she’s genuine. Kitsch as all get-out, but she’s not half-assing it. And I think that’s what makes the clip above work for me. This a mashup of course, to the boring song of the Spring that has captivated the internet, (the original was some ungodly Saturday Night Fever homage she thought was necessary). But look at how she goes all- in. No shame, not (apparently) concerned about her image. If you were a fan, you’d definitely get your money’s worth if you went to her show. It’s more than a paycheck to her. It’s who she really is. In sports we say she left it all on the field. So salute! Celine. I still don’t like your music, but I think I get your appeal.